Our Projects

Mullen Dowey situated in Union Mills is one of our most recent projects. This 4 apartment block complex with garage will provide housing to many east island residents and bolster the already thriving Braddan community. Commissioned by Braddan Commissioners the new apartment development is set to be complete by early next year. This project is being completed by a team of local contractors and is the first of it’s scale in the Union Mills area.

The Gatekeepers is a project that looks as if it’s been taken straight from the pages of J. R. Tolkien. The 3 bedroom house is looking to become a masterpiece as it nears completion, the client had this to say about the cottage: ‘I wondered if I could delve into the mists of Manx folklore of giants throwing rocks at each other by designing a completely new Gatekeeper’s Cottage that might have been made by a pair of giants as a play-house for their boisterous children’.

This gentleman’s residence is a modern build with a traditional style, a luxurious statement set in the sprawling country side. Featuring 5 bedrooms, 2 dining spaces, a gym and separate apartment.